I LINK YOU: Easter Edition

Styled Console Table with Plants and Circle Round Mirror

Easter is very mellow this year. Very very mellow. Typically Chris and I meet his family at Poway Park and do a big breakfast and egg hunt for the kids, but since the kids have since moved to Palm Springs with his sister, it was going to be a pretty low turnout and got canceled. I’m not mad about it- usually, we have the job of getting to the park early to stake out our spot before all of San Diego shows up, but skipping this event means more sleep for me. More sleep, and ample time to find all the good stuff on the internets. Enjoy!

1. These candle holders are super cute and and look fairly easy to make. BONUS: If you have google translate the page for you, the reading is also pretty entertaining!

2. Swap the sour cream out for a dairy free version and I am all about these avocado Easter eggs!

3. Check out Peta’s website for vegan approved Easter candy.

4. Wishing this butter case was half price because I’m kind of in love with it.

5. Debating whether or not to paint these pretty wood eggs or leave the natural wood grain.

6. Check out these 10 Beautiful Easter decorating ideas.

7. Instagram is bringing newer posts to the top of it’s feed.

Happy weekend!


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