New Eco-Friendly Brand: Ziggy

Eco Friendly Furniture Line: Ziggy

It’s not every day you stumble across a furniture line that is both aesthetically pleasing AND eco-friendly, though I’m happy to report on this particular day I DID. I’m happy to share with you all a new home brand to love- Ziggy! Ziggy offers customizable and completely toxic-free furniture and accessories, all designed in NYC and handcrafted in Connecticut.

Born from the idea that healthy living starts at home, Ziggy makes handcrafted hardwood furniture using 100% water-based paints, high gloss lacquers, and wood finishes. This means each piece from their entire line is non-toxic, VOC free, and a safe solution for your family that doesn’t compromise on style.

That fact that each piece can be customized with a range of paints and finishes means Ziggy items can be made to fit a range of looks. Here are some of my personal favorites:

Wythe Side Table

from 1,600.00

Graham Dresser

from 2,880.00

Currently, Ziggy only offers knob options, but I would totally pair this dresser with brass pulls, such as these.

Leonard Bedside Table – Medium

from 1,730.00

2 comments on “New Eco-Friendly Brand: Ziggy”

  1. Hi Katherine, thank you so much for posting about us! Wow, we really appreciate your kind introduction!
    -The Ziggy Team (Emily, Ziggy, and Tom)

    1. Hey Emily, more than happy to! Always looking to support other eco-conscious and vegan-friendly businesses. Keep up the good work!

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