Make Your Remodel Last: How To Pick Materials That Won’t Be Outdated in 10 Years


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Planning a remodel and want to choose materials wisely? As a designer, this is probably my NUMBER ONE question: HOW DO I PICK MATERIALS THAT WON’T BE OUTDATED IN 10 YEARS?

I get it- When you are spending such a large amount of cash on your home remodel you want it to look good, and look good for years to come instead of looking great now and being out of style next week!

I am very aware of the dilemma posed by this question: “How do I create a home that is timeless rather than trendy?” And perhaps even more importantly: “How do I create a home that can easily grow and change as my tastes and styles change?” After all – it’s not about creating a museum that never changes – it’s about creating a home that grows and changes as you do.

Here is my disclaimer: it’s important to realize that it’s perfectly reasonable that your tastes will change over time. Nobody wants to be boxed into the same colors and styles and patterns for the next 20 years! I know I certainly don’t. In fact, I expect that 5 or 10 years from now my house will look drastically different than it does right now. Hell, my home will look different five months from now, never mind five years out! But that comes with being a designer- things are swapped, and swapped often around here (much to my boyfriend’s distress!)

But for those of you looking for a little more consistency in your home, here are my best tips.


TIP #1: Natural materials are key. Natural materials should be the backbone of your design when renovating your home to have a timeless look. There is a reason why wood and stone are often sought after as these materials are not only earthy, but also wear well with time. For many materials, choosing the real deal will allow them to be refinished as they wear down. I would treat natural materials as staples for bigger items such as flooring, countertops & tile as they truly stand the test of time.

TIP #2: Respect your homes original architecture. If you have a flat-roofed 1970’s home or a heritage 1920’s abode, try and be respectful of the building’s original architecture. This doesn’t always mean restoring it to its original grandeur, but being respectful of its unique details and giving it a nod can go a long way into creating a timeless feel. Clean lines are always a safe choice, and they are super important when it comes to creating an ageless look.

TIP #3: Go neutral for ‘permanent’ items. Use neutral colors and materials for anything that would be difficult to change out down the road. Of course, depending on your pocketbook (and mental ability to live through another rennovation) nothing is ever truly permanent, but be mindful of the items that are easier to swap out than others. Kitchen cabinets & countertops? Pretty difficult and costly to keep up with changing trends.

TIP #4: Go bold for easy to swap items. Paint, wallpaper & accessories? Easy peasy to swap out! If you are someone like me who enjoys the constant changing and updating of the rooms in your home, keep the big stuff neutral, and swap the easy stuff often.

TIP #5: Splurge on fixtures. If you have room for it in your remodel budget, make getting quality fixtures a top priority. The better quality your fixtures, the longer they’ll last.  And the whole goal here is a beautiful space that you don’t have to rip out in 5 years.  These gorgeous fixtures – while an investment – will last you well beyond the lifecycle of any trend.

TIP #6: Go with what you love. Don’t let the fact that something may or may not be trendy steer you away from something you are head-over-heels in love with! If you truly love the look and see yourself loving it for many years, then DO IT. Life is short, and perhaps this is contrary to what most designers would say, but don’t forget that ultimately this is your home, and you are the one who will be living in it. If it makes you happy- who cares what the trends say?

4 comments on “Make Your Remodel Last: How To Pick Materials That Won’t Be Outdated in 10 Years”

  1. Love this post so much! We recently bought a new couch and loved the blue color they had available but ultimately went with gray because we didn’t want to be stuck with a blue theme, and knew we could just add that color blue to accent pieces if we wanted to. I’ll share this on my facebook page tomorrow!

    1. Thank you very much Amanda! We definitely did the same- I was really digging this olive green velvet material for our sofa, but ultimately went with the gray because I know myself and KNOW I’ll want to change it in the years to come. Some people like what they like and will like it for many years to come, but as for myself, that is not the case! Did you ending adding the blue accents? Artwork, drapery and pillows are my favorite places to add in those pops of color. 👌🏻

        1. Hold out for the things you love- More often than not, purchasing items for a quick fix leads to turnover, and it’s better to spend your hard earned cash on something you truly enjoy!

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